Eyebrow color may not be the first thing you think about when going to the salon, but it can make a big difference for your appearance. Your eyebrows are a partial frame for your eyes, bringing attention to them or deflecting attention away from them.

Eyebrow trends come and go, but there are some commonsense tips we should all turn to when deciding on our eyebrow color. We’ll discuss two of them below.

Eyebrow Color

Should Eyebrows Match Hair Color?

Generally speaking, your natural eyebrow color will pair well with your natural hair color. The major exception is if you’re a natural blonde. In that case, you’ll want to consider getting your brows darkened. If your eyebrows are too light, they may be hard to see.

The fact that eyebrows generally look good if they’re a natural hair color doesn’t mean that’s your only option, though. In most situations, you’ll want to keep your eyebrow color within one or two shades of your hair color, since this looks natural.

Should I Dye My Eyebrows If I’ve Dyed My Hair?

Whether or not you should dye your eyebrows will vary depending on how and why you dyed your hair.

If the hair dye is temporary, for instance, you probably don’t need to dye your eyebrows. There are a number of ways to temporarily color your eyebrows: eyebrow masks, eyebrow pencils, eyebrow mascara, etc. Eyebrows take a while to grow in, which means you shouldn’t go through the trouble of dying them the way you dyed your hair.

If you’re making a permanent change to your hair color, though, you’ll want to consider a corresponding change for your eyebrows. If you neglect to do this and dye your hair, your eyebrows will be a clear sign to everyone that your hair color is artificial.

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